Storify – make the web tell your story

“Storify helps making sense of what people post on social media. Our users curate the most important voices and turn them into stories.”

Their tag line is ‘make the web tell a story’ and that is exactly what this platform does, ever so nicely. I used Storify prolifically in my day job around a series of events, Manchester Policy Week, and one where we hosted the former Greek Prime Minister. We live tweeted from these events and encouraged our audience to do the same, using an unique official hash tag for each event. This concept was adopted surprisingly well by our audience and the content that was generated, in real time, by the people in the room was fantastic.

Our story was instantaneously being told by ourselves and others to a global potential audience.

With social media platforms these days enormous volumes of information can be shared and in such rapid time frames. I believe that this is both a blessing and a curse, as our top and most important posts will soon be pushed off our front page, therefore off the radar and soon forgotten to make way for new posts. This is where Storify can step in as a simply fantastic tool to preserve those moments of brilliance.

You can use the tool to make a page composed of all the most important posts that you can curate from any platform or website. You can order the posts as they happened or in order of importance and it will remain as you create it forever (until you edit / update it). Think of the result as an amalgamation of a series social media postings and a blog post or a website. Each of the posts in the story remain active and can be individually shared, liked, re-tweeted, pinned, etc. as can the whole page. This is a great tool for establishing legacy with our brilliant real-time content in this fast-flashing world.

Storify is particularly easy to use. It’s as simple as click and drag to build your story and you can create an account in seconds.

Once you publish your story, Storify has an excellent function where it can send out tweets or messages to everyone who contributed to the story, tagging in their handle or account and a linking them to the story. This is a great technique for attracting re-tweets or shares and driving traffic to the story.

I am very impressed with the simplicity, functionality and usability of this platform. I recommend it highly!