mashable navigation megamenu

Navigation – mega mega menus?

Mashable have really nailed navigational style and simplicity working in sync. Very innovative and creative – the Mashable websites boasts a beautiful mega menu that delivers true impact. It immediately becomes clear that it is actually composed of a mega menu within a mega menu, allowing the user to customise the stories presented in the menu by the categories of their choice.

Design – imagery

An image is often used to represent a news story. Mashable use this method extremely effectively – within their mega menus. The user experience is pretty much sensational and user satisfaction very high. Despite having a remarkable amount of material on the site, they have managed to display this in a clear and efficient way – out the window goes the excuse of having too much content for a website to look good!

Functionality – information dissemination

The way the site is put together actually encourages me, as a user, to engage in cross-sectional browsing using the mega mega menu and leads me to read the headline stories, which is only one step away from clicking through to the story and reading the content on their site (which is actually how I found out about Myspace Tom’s twitter snap at a critic which is definitely worth a read if you haven’t already heard about it). This is a perfect example of how a website design complements its core purpose and reason for existence – as Mashable is a site for sharing latest information with readers.

Well done Mashable team – keep up the great development work.


This blog

I will be using this blog to evaluate websites in terms of user experience, design, accessibility and core functionality; highlighting examples I find to be both excellent and awful. The idea is to share good practice and bad practice and all the amusing examples we can come accross along the way to further intelligent thinking in the building of our own sites.