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Who am I?

I love extremes; sun & snow, indulgence & health, relaxation & pressure, work & play! As of November, 2012 I am the web and social media officer for Policy@Manchester, a very exciting initiative. We showcase the contribution of academics from The University of Manchester to public policy development in the UK. In my job I spend a lot of time exploring and analysing websites.

I love it when things work the way we would expect them to, or better – especially on the web. I get very frustrated by poor usability of systems – which is part of the motivation behind me creating this blog.

This blog

On this blog I will be evaluating websites in terms of user experience, design, accessibility and core functionality; highlighting examples I find to be both excellent and awful. The idea is to share good practice and bad practice and all the amusing examples we can come accross along the way to further intelligent thinking in the building of our own sites.

If you have any examples worth sharing please get in touch

e: joshua.ocock@manchester.ac.uk
t: @joshuaocock
li: Joshua O’Cock

– Joshua O’Cock.


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