Vine: “Make a Scene” on The Looping Video Social Networking App

vine blog

What’s it all about?

Vine is a fantastic social media app for creating beautiful (or ugly) looping videos. A vine can be made of several short videos and can last up to 7 seconds in total. “Make a Scene” is their tagline, and with this app that is exactly what you can do. Its interface is very simple and fun to use. Being owned by Twitter, it is needless to say that the app supports seamless social media sharing – making it easy to share your ‘vines’ with friends and family.

Personal and business

This is are a great way to share a story! If a picture speaks a thousand words I will leave it to your imagination how many words a looping video of 7 different scenes will speak…

Aside from the social realm, I see vine being a great promotional tool for businesses too.

See and share life in motion.

(available on iOS devices, Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8)


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